Most Commonly Asked Question  
How do I make the information I have entered into the databases appear on the form?   
Certain fields on each form allow you to click on the Lookup button located on the top ribbon so that information that has been entered in the databases can be placed on the forms automatically. Using this feature will greatly reduce the time required to complete these forms as well as ensure that accurate information is being placed on the form.

The Lookup button is only available on certain fields of each form and unless those fields are active (you have clicked in them) the Lookup button is not visible. The following fields on each form have lookup capabilities:
Form Item Field Name
SF 254 10 Code 1) thru 30)
SF 254 11 Name & Address (1) thru (30)
SF 255 6 (Consultants) Consultant #1 thru #8
SF 255 7 (Resumes) Name & Title #1 thru #8
SF 255 8 (Projects) Project Name/Address #1 thru #10
SF 255 9 (Federal Projects) Fed Project Name/Address #1 thru #10

Please remember, if these fields are not active the Lookup button does not appear! You must click into the field to make it active.
The Projects Lookup list is different from the Consultants and Resumes Lookup list in the following ways:
You must right-click (or press the SpaceBar) to select a record to place on the form. This will turn that item red and assign the location as to where it will be placed on the form.
You can select more than one item at a time.
You can change the order of the list (click on the header).
You can remove an assigned location by right-clicking (or pressing the SpaceBar) again on that item.
You can remove all the assigned locations by clicking on the left-most header.

The Resumes Lookup list has the added convenience of allowing you to select different sections of Item g (Other Experience) once you have chosen a person on the Lookup list. To select more than one experience, press the Shift key on your keyboard while clicking on the desired item on the list.